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Shock Tower Kits & Clamps

Aluminum Shock Towers & Clamps

Update: All Parts are SOLD OUT!

I made Aluminum Shock Tower Kits in the following finishes: Plain Machined Aluminum, Plain Machined Aluminum Blue Anodized, Plain Machined Aluminum Red Anodized, Polished Aluminum, Polished Aluminum Blue Anodized and Polished Aluminum Red Anodized. Each have matching clamps. I sell them as a complete Raco Jac-Rabbit Shock Tower Replacement Kit. I also sell the Clamps separately in the same finishes.  The price of the Clamps includes USPS First Class Mail Shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. The prices are listed under each Clamp Finish photo. The Blue is a vibrant blue that you see on most Blue Anodized RC Car Parts. The photo does not do justice to the color.  The price of each kit includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S.  The Prices are listed under each Shock Tower Kit photo below. The Plain Aluminum Finish Kit was lightly tumbled after manufacture. It can be used Plain or you can custom finish them. They have a very smooth finish, but light manufacturing marks might show. A light sanding would remove all manufacturing marks. The Blue and Red Plain Anodized Aluminum may also show light manufacturing marks. Manufacturing marks are from when the Aluminum Bar was made, They consist of names and numbers on the metal to identify it. They are not very noticeable at all. The Polished and Polished Anodized have no Manufacturing marks as they were polished out.  Here is a link to a review of one of my Polished Aluminum Red Anodized Shock Tower Kits.

Shock Tower Installation Instructions – Click Photo to View or Right Click to Save and Download

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