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Blue Powdercoat Jac-Rabbit

Update: All Parts are SOLD OUT!

Ok, Unfortunately it is time to sell another car from my collection.
This Raco Jac-Rabbit was a a car I purchased then tore down to restore. There are lots of photos after this long description.  All parts were thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
Let’s start with the body pan, It was sand blasted and if any repairs were needed they were done. Then sand blasted again and chemically cleaned. It was then powder coated with a thick Silver Vein and Black Textured finish. This was done to make any left over scratches invisible. Then the body pan was powder coated with a Blue Candy Gloss Translucent Finish. The blue covers the silver  and the black still shows through. You end up with an incredible looking finish. All the other metal parts on the car that are blue are powder coated with the Blue Candy Gloss Translucent Finish. Needless to say the body pan and roll cage are in excellent shape. The car has a Jac-Rabbit Shock Tower Kit with a Polished Blue Anodized finish. These kits are very expensive.  The car comes with the Sprint Car Wing Mounts, they are powder coated., I never got around to building a wing for it. So that will be the new owners job to find one or build one. The front bumper, front trailing arms and Engine/Transmission/Rear Shock Mount are all in great condition. The rear trailing arms are in great working condition, but it looks like someone ground a groove into each arm behind the motor. It looks like this may have been done for further travel of the trailing arm. It does not seem to affect the structure of the trailing arm as I can see. And you really have to look to see it. The rims are in great condition and were painted to match the car. The front tires have good tread left. The rear tires have tread left, but I see a new set of rear tires in this cars future. ( you can buy Tamiya Clod Buster Tires that can be fitted to this car for about $25 set, ) One rear tire is fine and the other was splitting along the seam. I used Rubber Vulcanizing Glue to fix the seam and then put a wide Tire Tube strip around the inside of the tire with the same glue. I have repaired many tires like this and never had one fail. But then again  these tires are very old. ( I took a large picture of the repair below, The split does not go completely around the tire. Only what is shown in the photo).  The front spindles  and axle are polished and in great shape. The steering servo and steering linkages are complete and working. That is an original World Servo that fits the servo mounts perfectly. The gas tank was cleaned and pressure tested for leaks. All the shocks were torn down cleaned, Polished and rebuilt using #45 Silicone Shock Oil. The shock springs are powder coated. Ok, On to the motor. The engine is a Zenoah G2D. It was stripped completely down and all parts were thoroughly cleaned and checked to make sure that they matched factory specifications. It was quite apparent that this engine did not get much use. The engine was reassembled with new oil seals and gaskets. It was then cleaned using a Soda Blaster for a fantastic finish. The Clutch housing, Top Engine Cover and Flywheel cover were all powder coated. The pull start was taken completely apart and cleaned, oiled and reassembled. It works as good as new.The clutch is in great physical condition. The carburetor was rebuilt using an authentic Walbro rebuild kit and performs flawlessly. It use the stock #46 Jet. After the engine was reassembled I ran it on a test bench for approximately 45 minutes at various RPM. The engine was then run in the car for about 5 minutes to insure everything was operating properly. I used an outside fuel source as to not dirty the gas tank as well as used a box muffler to not dirty the Header pipe and Tuned Pipe.The engine ran strong and smooth.  The K&N Air Filter has been cleaned and recharged with new K&N oil. The Header Pipe is Chromed and has a new Gasket. The Tuned Pipe was polished. The rear dog bones are in good condition. The rear end is in excellent condition and was completely disassembled , completely cleaned and new Grease was put in. This Rear End has upgraded Quick Change Gears with a 5:1 Ratio for more speed as opposed to the stock 6:1 Jac-Rabbit Gears.. It makes me wonder if this car was originally a Raco Road Runner? The rear brake discs are in great shape and the Throttle / Brake Servo was tested and works fine. This is another original World Servo that fits the mounting holes perfectly. This car does not come with a radio, You will need to add your own and you will need to adjust everything. I have put everything in pretty much the factory position to start.
Once you get the car and install your radio you can adjust the steering, shocks, brake and throttle adjustments to fit your driving habits. I made this long detailed post because I have bought lots of 1/4 scale cars and it is extremely difficult to actually see what you are getting in ads online. And 99 out of 100 times there is way more damage or things wrong than you saw or were told about. I guess it also comes down to owners perception, I have bought some claiming to be in perfect condition only to find numerous problems and lots of damage.
Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I am looking for $1000.00 Shipped within the Continental U.S. This car is listed on Ebay for much more due to Ebay fees.

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