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Floor Pan 2

Update: All Parts are SOLD OUT!

Raco Jac-Rabbit Aluminum Floor Pan
This body pan is for use with a Raco Jac-Rabbit 1/4 Scale R/C Car. You can judge the condition from the photos. I have restored floor pans in much worse condition than this one. You could use it the way it is or spend some time  restoring it.  I removed this pan from a working Jac-Rabbit. It had a Black Coating on it. I believe it was Spray on Truck Bed Liner. Once the coating was removed I could see that the floor pan was originally anodized blue and had been sanded down.  I had really liked the Truck Bed Liner coating, but it was to soft and came off to easy. It was also like tar, it left black smudges and could not be cleaned.  $45 + Shipping

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