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Where to start?  Hmmm.

Let’s start with the Snake Head Image and the Venom name. When I was a little kid playing with G.I Joe toys over 40 years ago, I always named the main soldier.  Snake was an obvious choice. But it was used everywhere on everything. Plus there can be good snakes that don’t harm you. Venom is always a threat, it can kill you! I figured if it was your job to be out there killing the enemy, then you needed a hardcore nick name. The name Sunshine  just dosen’t cut it in those situations. So, Venom it was and it has stuck with me going on for over 40 years.   Back in the early days of coin operated video games, I would enter VNM for Venom as those three letters on my high score at the end of the game. I was always mad that I could not enter the whole name. Paintball was where I first used the name commercially. I sold Venom Brand Paintballs through a distribution deal with PMI & R.P. Scherer. Venom Brand Paintballs helped sponsor a  South Florida Paintball Team. That is where I met a young artist named Scott. I hired him to make me a new Venom Logo. His final work came out exactly the way I described it to him.  That is the snake head on my Home Page Header. Then came computers. That is where I used the name continuously.  Emails, User Names and Online game playing , I was always Venom. I just wish I realized that the name Venom would have become so popular on the internet. It is almost impossible to sign up anywhere today and be able to find the user name Venom available for use.

Updated 12-2-2018

Now about me.  As I get in to my  50’s I am definitely feeling old age setting in. Hard work and even harder play has taken it’s toll on my body.. I will try and start doing updates on this site. I made it over 7 years ago and have not done to much past the initial build of the site. Thanks to all that have commented on my posts and asked questions. I know it sometimes is a while before I respond.. I will work on that.. I hope to be doing a lot of updates on the site soon. I encourage everyone to sign up and leave your own opinions and comments on my posts.  Just please keep it civil. Online discussions can get nasty pretty quick. So right up front I am letting you know- CONTROL YOURSELF. You can get your point across without name calling and nasty remarks. Everyone has an opinion and it may not be the same as yours no matter how hard you try and change their beliefs. See the tag line on my Home Page in the Header… Because that’s the way I see it!

Update 8-21-2020

Almost 2 years ago this site was hacked and was pretty much unusable.  I was finally able to retrieve the content and get it back up and running. I will continue to repair and upgrade..

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