Haunted House

I have always loved Horror Movies, Haunted House Props and Special Effects. I started doing Haunted Houses on Halloween when My two Daughters were very young. They did not like it at all. I kept some of the nicer props in my office year round as decorations. My Daughters would have to go by my office to get to the bathroom. They would run to the bathroom. In 2004 they were much older and started asking to do another Haunted House. First we did a small one. In 2005 they really got into it and we did a good sized one.  They were hooked now and wanted to go over the top. So for 2006 we did. It took us three months to build and one month to take down. The majority of the work was done by Myself, My Best Friend Gui, My Two Daughters and help here and there from family and friends. A Photographer/Reporter named Roberto Scmidt showed up and took some fantastic photos. His photos of my Haunted House have been used across the U.S. every year. It’s kind of funny seeing a photo of me standing in front of my house in 2006 being used in a news report about Haunted Houses in San Diego in 2011. Local Channel 10 News showed up on Halloween Morning to do a story and leave. Once they saw what we had built they never left. They stayed until we closed our doors that night. Local Sunrise Police were nice enough to have five squad cars with officers on hand to control the traffic, parking and visitors.  Below you will find News Videos , Press Photos and our own Photos. 2006 was the last year we did one. My daughters got Older,  Jobs,  Boy Friends and Started College. They no longer had the time to help build the Monster that this Haunted House had become. In the Fall of 2010 we finally sold off all the Haunted House Materials (Except the Electric Chair and a few other props that decorate my office today.). Then we turned in the keys on the giant rental space where it was all stored. It was a sad day………

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