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Home Server

When I began building My Home Theater I decided to hard wire my entire home with Cat5 Cable. I don’t like wireless, it is too slow. (Although it is getting better every day ). I ran all cabling from every room to a hall closet where the Uverse Modem and 24 port switch would be located . I would then build a Home Server to keep all Movie, Music and Picture files stored. Blu-Ray discs can now be stored out of the way once ripped to the server. No discs to insert in any room if I want to play a movie in full loss-less 1080P video. Blu-Ray iso files take up a good amount of space so I had to go BIG! I went with Twenty 2TB drives for storage and a Single Faster 500GB Drive for the Operating system and programs, etc.Once I built it and turned it on, the amount of fan noise was incredibly loud. The six internal cooling fans that came with the case were moving an incredible amount of air but you could hear them anywhere in my home with the hall closet door closed. I searched for 3 larger 120mm fans that would move the same amount of air with less noise to replace the 4 fans in the center of the case. I also searched for higher quality fans with the same air flow with less noise to replace the 2 rear case fans. I could not go larger there.  You can see the mods I made in the photos at the bottom. When finished the fan noise was cut by more than 50%. But, the Server could still be heard in the two closest bed rooms. I sound proofed the closet and put in two Heat Exhaust Fans on a thermostat into the ceiling of the closet. Now the server can only be heard if you stand in front of the closet door and listen for it. The exhaust fans pull cool air from under the door and exhaust the hot air through the ceiling. When I end up filling the 40TB of disk space I can upgrade to 3TB drives for 60TB of disk space or 4TB drives for 80TB of disk space!

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