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Raco Jac-Rabbit Build

I am in the process of building a Raco Jac-Rabbit that is a site to behold. After the labor that is going into each part I would never let this car out into the wild. A single scratch would put a lump in my throat. This project has been going on for a while. I work on it in between other projects. Here are some photos of each piece I am preparing.

The Floor Pan was polished until it was mirror like with no scratches. Knowing that oxidation would happen and this piece would be difficult to keep polished without taking the whole car apart… After polishing, I had the Floor Pan Chrome Plated to make it easy to keep up the mirror finish.

Cage was Re-Chromed

Nerf Bars were Re-Chromed

Tuned Pipe was polished.

And this is where I am at. These photos are a little old. I have done more polishing than what is shown. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to polish these Rear Arms. Once I finally finish these the build should move much more quickly……………………..

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