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Update: All Parts are SOLD OUT!

I have way to many 1/4 scale cars in various degrees of restoring and have more on the way. I have no more room and must part with some of my collection.
This Raco Jac-Rabbit was a a car I purchased then tore down and cleaned all parts. The following photos show everything. The good and the not so good.
The engine is the Zenoah G2D. It looks new except for the pull start cover and front sticker being a little chewed up from taking the battery in and out through the years. It had lots of the fins broken off the cylinder head. ( I have no idea how they did that!) The engine was stripped down thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All parts were checked to make sure they were within specifications. As 1140 cylinders are getting harder to find, I was forced to use a Brand New higher performance 1148 cylinder from my collection. I also installed all Brand New matching piston, piston rings, piston pin, piston snap rings, pin bearing, pin washers and all gaskets. On reassembly everything was torqued to factory specifications.The Crankcase, Cylinder and Clutch housing once assembled were cleaned with a Soda Blaster giving a beautiful clean uniform finish. The carburetor was striped down, thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt using a genuine Walbro rebuild kit. I ran this engine on a test bench for roughly 45 minute to an hour. The difference of sound and performance is readily noticeable compared to a G2D using the 1140 cylinder. I ran the engine briefly using a separate fuel source than the gas tank on the car once the car was assembled to make sure the drive train operated smoothly. (The gas tank is clean as a whistle and did not want to dirty it before shipping)( 5 minutes run time on the engine in the car) I would recommend running a tank of gas through the engine at slower than normal operating speeds to let all the new parts seat properly. That is what I always do , but everyone has their own opinions on breaking in engines. The engine has a K&N Air filter which has been cleaned and recharged with K&N oil. It attaches to the engine through an Aluminum Velocity Stack. ( not the usual cheap aluminum or plastic cup you see on these cars. The muffler is a stock Zenoah Muffler, I cleaned it as best I could after running the engine on the car. It may still have residue in it, I ran a higher level of oil in the mix initially because of the new parts. This engine runs extremely well and sounds very powerful. The clutch looked in very good condition on inspection. I did not open the rear end so I am assuming it has the stock Raco Gear Ratio in it. The Clutch bell housing looked in very good condition. I cleaned the rear end prior to mounting it to the car. The car has Polished Aluminum Shocks all the way around that look great!. They may need a little touch up, but look very good. The floor pan is in overall good condition. It appears it took one hit (not a really bad one) in the front corner as you can see from the photos. I did not hammer or bend this out as I will let the new owner decide what to do. The car went together pretty easily with it the way it is. It looks like this car had both a dual servo steering as well as the single servo steering it had when I got it. The car has a few extra holes in the bottom of the pan , not sure what they were for. There was nothing in them when I got it. The plastic shock towers were cracked and out of shape at the top from over tightening. I replaced them with an Aluminum Shock Tower kit. It is much sturdier and far better looking as well as pricey. The servos on the car have been tested and are working. You will need to supply your own receiver, transmitter and battery. The steering linkages are all there and in good condition. The gas tank was thoroughly cleaned and has had no gas in it since for shipping reasons. The chrome cage looks pretty good. It has one hit on the left rear tube that goes down under the brake discs. I took a close up photo of it. Above the dent is a slight stress crack in the chrome. I applied clear nail polish over it so it would not chip or spread. On the inside edge of the area it has a tiny piece of chrome that came off. I also put clear nail polish there just in case any more chrome started to peel or chip. I think the cage may have been re-chromed at some point. The cage has some scratches and marks that are under the chrome. Maybe it came that way who knows. Through the years I have seen a wide range of differences in Raco cars. Also this cage is much heavier and stronger than many Raco cages I have come across. The brake discs are in good shape. The dog bones show some where but are still in good condition. The front tires are in good condition with plenty of tread. The rear tires still have useable tread left. All the rims are two pieces, an inner and outer. The front rims are in good condition and have the usual scrapes and scuffs. The rear rims are all in good condition with the usual scuffs and scrapes with the exception of the inside left rim piece. It has two chips out of it. If I had to guess, I would think somebody tried to remove a tire from that rim a little to harshly with a flat blade screwdriver causing what you see. It does not affect the usage of the rim. The rear trailing arms look brand new and are in excellent condition. The rear servo is mounted the same way it came to me. It is in tight, but if I were keeping the car probably would mount it nicer. The engine and brake linkages are in great condition. I think I have covered just about everything. Once you get the car and install your radio you can adjust the steering, shocks, brake and throttle adjustments to fit your driving habits. I made this long detailed post because I have bought lots of 1/4 scale cars and it is extremely difficult to actually see what you are getting in these ads. And 99 out of 100 times there is way more damage or things wrong than you saw or were told about. I guess it also comes down to owners perception, I have bought some claiming to be in perfect condition only to find numerous problems and lots of damage.
Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Thanks Again, Venom

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