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I have been an Xbox Live subscriber since the first XBOX. I think it is the best online gaming experience you can find. Nobody does it better. I do find Microsoft’s payment options and rules regarding payments to be terrible. Especially when it comes to recurring billing.

I love playing online , but I find myself not using the head set to communicate with other players. unless gaming with local friends that I have a friendship with out side of XBOX. Why is this???? For one, Some people still sound garbled and distorted. The first word they say gets chopped off, so it is hard to understand them. That makes everyone keep saying  “What?, Say that again..”  And second, I would say over 90% of the time the other online players won’t stop whining about everyday things in their life or they think they are funny when they are not.  God forbid there is a female player in the game. She will eventually be probed about her age , relationship status, drug use, smoking, drinking  and sex life. You can tell she is uncomfortable. Yet, It never ends…

XBOX LIVE Dashboard Update DEC. 2011

I downloaded the newest XBOX Live Dashboard Update.  I like it, but now My XBOX 360 is an AD Machine and I don’t like that! Look at the fact that in the above photo of the HOME tab, only the two small boxes on the left are for using features on the 360. The other …

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