Home Built Powder Coating Oven

My powder coating guy had gotten sloppy. His work used to be awesome and then it started,  I would go to pick up parts and they would be seriously flawed. He sees the flaws and says … OH, I need to redo that. The problem was every time I would go to pick up parts over 50% would have big flaws. I knew he had to see the flaws, yet he tried to pass them off to me in hopes I would not see them. Powder Coated surfaces should not have bubbles or look like orange peel.

I decided to do my own Powder Coating at Home. The powder coating gun and powder is very inexpensive. The oven is the killer !!!
I need an oven that is at least 3 feet long inside. I went on Craig’s List and bought a Whirlpool Double oven for $80 from someone that just remodeled.

I took the Whirlpool 30″ Double Oven and cut it apart and put it back together as one oven. I have tested it with oven thermometers in different areas from top to bottom and I am really surprised by the consistent temperatures from top to bottom. I am going to do some test powder coating before I decide if I need any fans to circulate the heat.

Here are photos of the finished oven. I had three goals here. 1. Build it as cheaply as possible
( Under $250 including the oven! ). 2. Build it big enough to fit items up to 36″ long. 3. Keep it small enough to fit in my already overcrowded garage.

A  Bonus: It is big enough to do car rims. :-)

Next I will build a small spray booth and get to some powder coating.



  1. TheRev says:

    I have an oven that I want to do the same thing to. How did you remove the frame material between the two ovens?

  2. Venom says:

    I used an air saw with a hack saw blade to cut them apart. Harbor Freight sells the Air Saw for a very good price. I also used a Metal Cutting Band saw to cut the pieces to size when assembling. Hope that helps.

  3. TheRev says:

    That does help, thank you. You must have taken the doors off and relocated the hinge. As far as the burners, did you have to relocate them? Thanks


  4. e5josh says:

    is there any way you could contact me on how you did this did you only use one side of the control panel and relocate the lower burner in the top oven to the bottom of the oven and remove the rest im attempting to copy your design and need a little more info If you could please contact me at 9512887623 or email at e5josh@yahoo.com

  5. amlee says:

    I love your idea for a DIY oven. I just picked up a double oven for $10

    Did you relocate the bottom upper and bottom lower elements to the sides of the bottom oven? I cant tell if you kept the broiler element on the upper oven.
    filling in the gaps between the two ovens looks like it’s gonna be fun.

  6. Venom says:

    Sorry, it has taken so long to respond. Ok, I took the Double Oven completely apart. Then I cut the upper and lower ovens to make them fit together. Cut the bottom off the top oven and the top off the bottom oven. I cut the leftover pieces into wide strips and used the cut off pieces to screw the oven back together in the same size. I bought a heavy duty hinge and bolted the doors together. Mounted the new hinge and doors to the oven. Used an automobile hood pin to guide the door when closing so it stays square and even. Got a latch for the door as well as high heat stripping around the inside of door. I relocated upper and lower baking burners to the bottom. I have the connections coming out the left and right sides instead of in the rear where they were. I put both exhaust fans along the top. One was there from the factory and put the second from the lower oven next to it. That was the difficult part of the is build.

  7. amlee says:

    What did you use for the gasket around the door? i t looks silicone’ish.

  8. Venom says:

    And this is the door latch… http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006NC612/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  9. amlee says:

    Cool, thanks.
    Finally got the front off the oven. Man this thing is gonna be a pain isn’t it?
    Trying to decide on how to tackle the cutting. Pull the sides off then pull ovens out or try and slide them out, leaving the sides attached at the top and bottom, or cut an peel away as i go with the ovens intact.
    I already got the doors figured out and the bottom burners mocked up to drill holes for element connectors.
    I see why you used the metal boxes to hide the end of the connectors.

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